Sunday, December 31, 2017

SL Profile Threats

I'm always fascinated by the profile and pick verbiage that reads something along the lines of:

So mess with XXX and you'll have me to deal with!


Fuck with XXX and I'll make you pay!

Not only are these needlessly threatening, they're needlessly useless. I've always wondered what, exactly, you're going to do. I know I'm supposed to be intimidated, I guess, but that's not exactly the reaction I have. Humor mixed with bafflement really sums it up better. Does anyone think these things through? What, exactly, are you planning on doing? Even idle threats to the world at large needs something to back them up if they're to be seen as legitimate. These threats aren't. They're just distasteful.

I'm mainly curious because I'm seeing these types of warnings and threats more often. Maybe I'm just paying attention or, perhaps, it's just something I've noticed so now I actively look for it. It does seem to be a trend, and I wonder if it's an overall social trend, or just people in SL doing their thing. Like friendship and love is now measured in how much you'll threaten or try to hurt others. I don't understand that. I really don't.

Celebrate the people who are special enough to put in your profile and your picks. Don't taint that love with trying to be a badass. It's unbecoming, no one's intimidated, and it really brings that love down a level. If anything, it seems selfish, like you're using your affections as a tool to boost your own sense of self-importance. All that said, I'm painfully aware that I'm not up on the newest fads, so I'm very likely missing something.

Regardless, if I have any dealings with XXX, the rest of the planet - including those who make idle threats - can rest assured that our interactions will have absolutely nothing to do with a warning in a pick. I'll never be really concerned with what anyone else thinks about that, threat or no threat. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not in the minority there, either.

Friday, December 29, 2017

MUST/3 Author Extensions Released

So, yeah, the very first preview of the MUST/3 Author Extensions have been released. Here's the vendor spiel:

Everything you need to add your own content to the MUST/3 system. The system allows for the addition of things like:
* Inductions* Awakenings* Programs* Subliminals* Devotions* Themes* Poses* Plugin System For LSL Plugins!
Create, contribute, even sell your own extensions to the MUST/3 ecosystem. Even distribute your content on the MUST/3 Content Distribution Network. Comes with samples and documentation, along with conventions for enabling your own hypnosis extensions to MUST/3. The bundling process even allows you to distribute combined content in one package, creating themed bundles for users to enjoy. 
Now all this is kind of cool. It's been a half year or so in the making, and means that the successor to MUST/2, the very not-so-originally-named MUST/3 is coming very soon. How soon? Hell, I don't know. But, yeah, soon.

So you can snag it on the marketplace page or in the store in-world ... And thanks a lot for making MUST/2 worth making a MUST/3.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

So there's this new store thing

So here it is. The dark, ominous, Alien feel of a store has gone to join other SL memories after some four years or so. In its place is a new, brighter, dare I say happier store on a place called Sarcasm (that one dropped in my lap ... I couldn't have asked for a more awesome sim name).

So visit me. The link is below to take you right there.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Idiots In The In World Store

So I got this today:

[23:11] xxxx: fucking manwhore faggot
Names changed to protect the stupid, once I stopped laughing. This individual had been banned from my store as a result of a complaint. Seems I made the right decision. Obviously, they were offended. Now, I didn't respond to this for a few reasons, not the least of which is how the elegant command of the English language left me nothing short of in awe. But, really, sometimes stupidity speaks for itself. I really don't need to add anything to such a perfect display of childishness. Needless to say, a lot of laughing and a quick block did the trick.

Which brings me to my point. Look, I pay a shit load of money to keep the store open. I do that for me and for the people who come to visit and enjoy the place. No one deserves to have to listen to the kind of brutal stupidity that this asswipe put on display for everyone. No one. Much less anyone who is a guest in my store. If someone is harassing you, tell me. If someone is being abusive, tell me. If there are creeps trying to trigger every lady that happens to visit, tell me. I will deal with it in my own special way. That's why I pay the bills. I get to say who can and can't play. And, really, I don't have time for assholes. Better to be rid of them. They can go on their own way being assholes somewhere else, and I get to keep a nice place for lovers of hypnosis to visit, play, and trance. Seems fair enough, right?

I rely on you folks, though. My guests. My visitors. Those who make Cranial Lust a fun, welcoming, sexy place to be. I don't visit the store much these days. When I'm on, it's checking things or holed away working on new things (I promise there'll be new stuff one day!). I just don't end up in the store much. So you all need to tell me when there are idiots roaming my hallowed halls. Please. 

Second Life can bring out the best in people. It allows us to explore interests and fantasies that we otherwise wouldn't be able to pursue. But it also brings out the worst in some. The individual who prompted this post is a very good example. Hiding behind anonymity is fun for the punks who could never be so bold in "real life". Anyone with a mouth like that would be on the receiving end of a lot of ass kicking and not much in the way of mercy. You have to forgive them, though. They are stupid and childish and it shines through. Don't allow them to deter your enjoyment of the wonderful world that Second Life has to offer. Pity the idiots, but don't allow them to control you. Like all bullies, they are cowards and trolls. If you feed them, they win.

Cranial Lust is my store. I get to run it as I see fit, and I want others to enjoy it, as well. It's that simple, really. Thanks to the person who made me aware of this bullying asshole, it's taken care of. Will it always be an open and shut case like this one obviously is? No. You should let me know if someone is being abusive or otherwise being a creepy fuck, anyway. 

~ V